about fade

When people come to you with an idea in mind, it is your purpose to take this idea and evolve it into something meaningful, something intriguing to experience with all of your senses, something grand.

My name is Dimitra Babadima and I spend my days making people’s ideas look grand. For me, directing a project is not something you can ever call your job. It is my passion, it is my wake up call, it is my fuel for life. And what pays my rent.

Utterly obsessed with my projects, overwhelmingly enthusiastic about anything that turns conversation into motion, I am the one that you will see at your doorstep at 05:00 a.m. holding your cup of coffee and letting you know that today you will have the time of your life while completing all demanding tasks ahead.

Creation is not just a matter of skills, it is also a matter of cooperation, commitment and determination. I have spent the last few years directing, filming and editing, working alongside with some of the most inspiring people in the industry. Feel free to look around my website.


Happy Clients & Partners

I worked with Dimitra on several Red Bull projects over the past years and she is just great. Full stop. It´s always a great pleasure to work with her – she is just full on dedicated to what she is doing and you can feel that passion every single moment. She is creative, open to new ideas and feedback, is leading her team and is 100% committed to a perfect result. She is “living” every project she starts and will literally work day and night on it to finish it in time with the highest quality possible. And on top of that she always keeps her positive attitude and will make you smile, even if the pressure is on and the deadline is closing in. I can´t wait to work with her again, hopefully sooner than later.

Florian Gniech, Brand Strategy & Communications at The One Brand Consulting, International Communication & Project Lead for RedBull

Mixing inspiration, ingenuity, passion and mindblowing creativity in a bowl, is not a recipe. It is what we at 24 MEDIA call ‘Dimitra’.

Chris Chatziioannou, Head of Native and Branded Content for 24Media



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